How To Hack Website Learn Hacking IIS Exploit

 Website hacking is an illegal work but our purpose is to secure the web & any website is vuln then we've to inform the admin for his site security. In these days cyber war is on & every country have lots of other hidden anime for destroy them.  Cyber war also a hidden work started by anonymous just for showing off .
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Today i'm going to tell you easiest way of Website Hacking on Windows 7. There are also snapshots with every step just you've to try as same as i do. We can hack a site without login to any any server or a site. We just paste our Deface Page in this method.
Well just open Windows 7 & its programs. 1st you've to open My Computer & then right click on that screen just like this as showing under picture...

There is a option name (Add a Network Location) just click on that & get second step as showing as under mention picture.

Here we go, there will open a window named (Welcome to Add a Network Location Wizard). Just click on next over there & another window will appear there as showing below picutre.

Now this window will show named as (Where do you want to create this network location). This is your 2nd step to do this. Click on Next & new window will appear as showing below.

The new window will appear named as (Specify the Location of your WebSite) . Just type the website link which one is IIS founded. Just type like this site:


& click next ... Here we go... The new window will appear like as showing below...

This site is accessible & now we just click Next & a new window will appear like showing below...

& one more thing i've already publish about Email / Facebook accounts hacking just for learning & securing of account . Just to know how hackers attack on accounts.

Now final step , new window will appear just click on Finish & Check on that empty option.

Now this window will open like a Data Save Drive. Now save there a file in (.html) (.txt) format. That format should be a deface page or your message to Site's Admin.

Paste your file & then open link .

I've paste there my Deface Page in (.html) web page format. you've to open & try this one like me .


That name after the site link is my file name which one i had paste in that  site's folder. & when i'll open my page will open there..
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That's enough..  Site Hacked :d

Enjoy !! Remember  this is only Educational purpose.

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